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  • Finleyparkes


  • Angelina Rene AKA The UBERginger

    Angelina Rene AKA The UBERginger

    I explore ideas about tech & human nature, and consult business leaders on leveraging digital tools to improve customer & employee experience. Mega geek, gamer.

  • Carlos Madrid

    Carlos Madrid

  • Lua Mota

    Lua Mota

    Ativista Pansexual e demissexual, ilustradora, quadrinista e designer https://linktr.ee/LuaMota

  • Gabriela Hakspiel

    Gabriela Hakspiel

    Parejas de series y mis relaciones. Sobre eso escribo.

  • gene x

    gene x

    photographer and friend of lemurs - co-founder of Orange Photography, bike rider, pinballer, slackliner http://www.orangephotography.com

  • Steven R Clark

    Steven R Clark

    I teach empathy & ethics in technology design ** specialist generalist : polymath : academic ** genderfluid : gen-x : aspie

  • Kelly R. Stoneham

    Kelly R. Stoneham

    I’m on a mission to help women take up more space in the world, starting with taking up space in their own day.

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